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Winter Update

As fully explained in our updates on the Rides Update page, we are offering the following services for the current Winter season. Please read the Winter Update page for the most recent information about our current dog family.

Skijoring Lessons

Education and Public Programs & Demos

Everything But A Ride

"Everything But A Ride" is our “meet and greet” sled dog education visit (which is everything we usually do except for the ride). We will meet you for a hands-on visit. You will see all the gear (and meet the dogs). We will explain how everything works and, if dogs and conditions permit, we will take the dogs out for a training run (with no passengers). Even without the ride component it’s still a fun and special outdoor adventure to do as an adult or with your kids.

We offer this experience only during the morning and only once a day. You must schedule this in advance--we are not able to schedule this for the same day you call. We are only a 2-person operation and will get back to you as soon as possible. Our scheduling fills up quickly, especially during holidays, so please contact us well in advance.

A Inquiry/Reservation Form is here.
"Everything But A Ride" means you would:

  • Meet the dogs at the trails we use (with all the pets and dog kisses you can handle);
  • See all the gear, sleds and equipment we use;
  • Sit in the sled and stand on the runners to try the sled (without the dogs attached);
  • Help harness and hook up the dogs;
  • See a demonstration training run if conditions permit (sled, skijor or wheels) so you can see what mushing is all about, but unfortunately you won’t get a chance to be in the sled to go for a ride with the dogs.
  • As usual, we’ll continue to offer Vermont hot cider or cocoa at the end of your visit.

If we are able to actually run dogs you are welcome to bring your x-c skis or snowshoes and try to follow us along the trail for a better view of the dogs in action. You can see us leaving, on the trail or on the return loop back to the dog truck where we began with you.

As an economic stimulus we are offering this at a very reduced rate from the cost of a dog sled ride:

Meet The Sled Dogs - "Everything But A Ride"
Rates for 2009-2010
1 adult must accompany every 3 kids under age 13
1 or 2 people $75
Next Person (3rd) $20
4th Person $20
5th Person and Each Additional Person
(up to 10 people)
$15 per person

Here's The Math
1 adult $75 6 people $135
2 people $75 7 people $150
3 people $95 8 people $165
4 people $105 9 people $180
5 people $120 10 people $195

Contact us about group sizes and rates for schools and youth groups which is a different situation.

We hope you will join us for a “meet and greet” as described above—a memorable learning and hands-on experience, just without the ride.

Frankie meets Missy

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